• Develop liaisons with various clinical societies to enhance collaborations at the interface of clinical medicine and biomedical engineering.
  • Develop initiatives to bring all stakeholder groups and specific organizations to enhance collaborative synergy to address needs and challenges of global quality healthcare at affordable costs in various economic and technology resource settings.
  • Help organizing an annual conference on Translational Engineering for Healthcare Innovations.
  • Work with the editors of the IEEE-JTEHM and other EMBC publications to provide TEHI-focused content to a wide audience.
  • Develop a track/mini-symposium/tutorial on Translational Engineering Methodologies for EMBC
  • Encourage and build clinician participation in EMBS/EMBC/AMA and other revenant partener organizations by developing: i) a continuing medical education (CME) program, and ii) career development program such as Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP), clinical translation programs, etc.

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