As the core and interdisciplinary knowledge base in basic and applied sciences and engineering technologies is continuously expanding, communities of biomedical engineering researchers, physicians and healthcare providers are now addressing critical problems and challenges in improving healthcare globally. Collaborative trans-disciplinary research and innovations are leading to new sensor, information and communication technologies and systems, and clinical protocols that are not limited to just hospital environment but reach out to patients at their homes or any other point-of-care facilities located anywhere in the world. The emerging and future trends with continuous evolution of innovations in smart and portable bio-sensor, computing, information and communication technologies are the enablers of Point-of-Care healthcare technologies towards affordable healthcare globally. At the same time, technology innovations in more sophisticated clinical procedures and hospitalized care are critical in providing patients better treatment and opportunities to follow-up and stay healthy.

The EMBS Technical Committee on Translational Engineering for Healthcare Innovations (TEHI) aims to network with multi-disciplinary biomedical research and clinical communities, healthcare provider organizations, patient groups, and industry working towards better global healthcare through predictive, personalized, preventive and participatory medicine.


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